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Blessing in Disguise

The end of life notice for Windows XP has been well flagged in advance by technology and media circles but has it prompted organisations to re-think their desktop computing strategy and make the move towards desktop virtualisation or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?

Work is what you do, not where you go

We’re a connected nation with an ‘always on’ technology culture that pervades every aspect of our daily lives. On average, adults have access to four online devices at home. This consumerisation of IT is gathering pace and it’s enabled by greater mobile broadband speeds and feeds.

Sweating the Assets

It’s a question that Gavan Smyth, VP of business services with UPC is frequently asked. “You have 200Mbps connectivity but do you really need that much for 10 employees?” The answer is ‘yes’ he says because clients start using the internet a lot more and use different services to increase productivity.

Crossing the chasm

It’s been the subject of heated debate in the boardrooms of corporate Ireland for quite some time. But can we finally hear a collective sigh of relief? It appears we may be getting to grips with tackling our broadband deficit, following a period of investment by the major telecoms services operators.

Top tips for choosing a video conferencing solution

Whether large or small, your organisation can benefit greatly from video conferencing. It not only negates a significant amount of travel, saving costs and boosting productivity in the process, but it promotes a new collaborative approach to working. Here are some of my top tips when choosing a video conferencing solution that’s right for you.