Event Management

It may be less fashionable to run live events in the digital era, where the focus is on engaging the digital persona, but as humans, we still crave human interaction.  As the old adage goes, ‘people buy from people’ and relationship-building is still a core element of B2B activity.

Events, whether live or online are a critical tool in the kitbag of any B2B marketer but their success largely depends on a number of factors. Professional event management involves building a well-rounded agenda using a multi-vendor approach for live events where possible, to keeping webinars short and snappy and making sure that your potential customers come back for more.

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Live EventsOnline Events and Webinars

Live events are particularly resource-intensive and you have to be sure that you can attract the right audience. It doesn’t always have to revolve around quantity though. Oftentimes the best events are those that are small, intimate sessions, designed to address particular IT or business challenges, where attendees have a real opportunity to network and ask questions in the right environment.

Finding the right venue, creating a positive ambience as well as building a well-rounded agenda is also critical, making sure that attendees get maximum value for the time they have committed to spend with you.

Online events and webinars may be far more cost-effective to run but they still require the same attention to detail as live sessions. Webinars are extremely well-suited to the technology industry, where organisations constantly seek to educate and inform potential customers about their products and services.

Webinars can be extremely effective and deliver a high return and of course, they have a much longer ‘shelf life’ when the session can be recorded and shared with colleagues on line. They also represent great content for sharing through social media channels.

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