ProfIT Marketing is led by experienced marketing communications and digital marketing freelance specialist, Deirdre Cashion.

Deirdre is an experienced technology marketing specialist, having worked in the industry for over 20 years now, both with multinational corporations and indigenous organisations.

She specialises in helping organisations operating in the IT, telecommunications and networking industries and has successfully delivered a broad range of marketing services including digital marketing, market research, online PR, live and online event management as well as lead generation programmes to large and small organisations in these sectors.

Deirdre is also an occasional contributor of human interest features to publications such as the Irish Independent and technology features to the Sunday Business Post’s ‘Connected’ magazine.

Business Model

Retainer-based marketing

Deirdre takes a unique business approach to working with clients. Unlike the traditional agency model where there is a clear demarcation between agency and client, Deirdre works from the client premises, emersing herself in the culture of the organisation and building an in-depth knowledge of the business and its market environment. With any client, the objective is to act as a “virtual team member” and a close extension of the sales team. Many clients prefer the “virtual” approach and it has many advantages over the traditional agency model:

  • The client has increased visibility and more control over the work being performed as part of the assignment.
  • Close working relationships can be quickly built with the sales team, ensuring that there is close alignment between the sales and marketing functions.
  • Activities can be completed quicker and easier with increased productivity.
  • Several activities can be worked on in parallel, rather than concentrating on just one element of the marketing mix, e.g. PR.  This adds a more strategic element to the relationship, allowing the marketing plan to be implemented over the medium term.
  • Clients can choose to work the model on a short term or long term basis.

Project Work

Deirdre is also available for project-based work, which may be time sensitive and require extra capacity or specialist expertise for a particular assignment.  Deirdre can complement existing marketing team members providing that additional scope for completing projects on time or can work on an individual basis, depending on individual requirements.