I was shocked. This was the first time in ages that I experienced quality customer service and a retailer who didn’t want or try to rip me off.

At Vision Express this morning with my 14-year old daughter, she got her annual eye test as well as a supplemental retina examination (we have Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in the family which is a degenerative eye condition).  The last time I was here, I left the premises €280 lighter.  Teenagers with deteriorating eyesight and fussy tastes in designer eyeglasses are an expensive business.

I was delighted to hear that she didn’t need a new prescription this time around.  Obviously, her sight has settled down somewhat since the last test.  But with my husband having given me the cost of a new pair of glasses, I was already scheming and plotting of ways to spend it. Yes, some retail therapy together with a toasted Chicken Caesar bagel would indeed go down well on a Friday morning.

I went to the desk to pay.  But before doing so, asked the sales guy for a hard case for her existing glasses.  He produced a lovely Converse-branded case, with a couple of shammies – just what a teenager wants.    Mmm, I thought to myself.  The euros are clocking up.  He then politely informed me that the eye test was half price at just €13.50.   First pleasant surprise of the day.

But I knew that the retina exam was extra.  I was tempted not to even mention it, silently justifying its absence on the bill for all the other occasions when service businesses had completely ripped me off with their appalling service, arrogant attitude and over-priced goods.  But the sales guy was just so nice and polite, my guilty conscious wouldn’t allow it.  “But what about the retina exam,” I said.  “You haven’t charged me for that”.   He said that as it wasn’t recorded by the optometrist, I just had to pay for the exam.  I protested and reminded him again. “In fairness, she has had the test so I would like to pay for it.”  But he insisted. He even threw in the glasses case for free – second pleasant surprise of the day.

So our trip to Vision Express cost just €13.50 and with the kids now firmly in on my little conspiracy, we enjoyed our bagels and a little shopping to-boot.

There are many retailers who could take a lesson or two from Vision Express.  Well done Gabriel and the team in the Blanchardstown store.  You’ve well and truly earned my customer loyalty and in the immortal words of Arnie – I’ll be back!

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