David Kinsella, CTO, Datapac

Getting down to business

Virtualisation technologies enable easier infrastructure management and automate routine IT processes.

According to market analysts, IDC more organisations are expected to embrace network automation in an effort to maintain service-level agreements (SLAs) across their operations.

It’s a point of view strongly supported by Bryan Hickson, client solution executive for IBM Ireland.

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Francis O'Haire, director of technology & strategy with Data Solutions

Blessing in Disguise

Is the end of Microsoft Windows XP a boon for desktop virtualisation vendors?

The curtain is about to fall on what is arguably Microsoft’s most popular desktop operating system.  In just two days’ time, Windows XP will be formally discontinued by the software giant.  And as the release of critical security patches comes to an end, many organisations will be left wondering if their infrastructure and sensitive business data is at risk if they fail to upgrade.

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Mark Fagan, head of datacentres, BTIreland.

Are we keen to be green?

The European Commission estimates that by 2020, data centre operators across Europe will consum up to 104 TWh (tera watts/hour) of electricity, that’s twice the energy consumption of the entire Czech Republic.  CO2 emissions from ICT are already estimated to be two per cent of global emissions, equivalent to the airline industry.

And while institutions such as the European Commission can issue guidelines and codes of conduct which govern the data centre industry, are customers exercised by increasing carbon footprints or does choosing a data centre provider inevitably come down to cost? Read more

David Walsh Director of Commercial & SME eircom

How safe are our data centres?

It doesn’t happen very often but when a data centre security breach occurs, it sends a shockwave through the business community.

In its latest ‘Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report’, US-based Arbor Networks reveals that 71 per cent of data centre operators reported distributed denial of service or DDoS attacks this year, up dramatically from 45 per cent in 2012.   DDoS attacks attempt to make, in this case, the data centre unavailable to other users by flooding the resource with external communication requests. Read more

Davin Cody – Cloud Lead for Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking (ESSN) – HP Ireland. Pic. Maura Hickey.

Up, up and away

Data centre business is on an upward trajectory.  According to 451 Research, the market value for hosting services in Ireland will approach €175 million in 2016, representing a CAGR of 18 per cent.  This growth, it predicts, will outpace the UK, Benelux, the Nordics and Iceland.

And the forecast for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is equally positive with revenues of €51 million and CAGR of 50 per cent predicted to 2016.

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Bryan Hickson, Client Solutions Executive IBM Ireland

Maintaining a competitive advantage

Ireland is a highly attractive location for hosting digital content for international companies with plans to serve European markets.  That’s according to global research organisation, Agency 451 in an independently commissioned report from October 2013, which looks at all aspects of Ireland’s strategy for hosting and managing digital assets.  Read more

Nicola Mortimer, Head of Business Products Portfolio Management, O2

Work is what you do, not where you go

We’re a connected nation with an ‘always on’ technology culture that pervades every aspect of our daily lives.

According to a recent report by Eircom, 24 per cent of us check email first thing in the morning and 18 per cent last thing at night.  And on average, adults have access to four online devices at home.

This consumerisation of IT or the blurring of lines between the personal and professional is gathering pace and it’s enabled by greater mobile broadband speeds and feeds.

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Alan Foy, CEO, Blueface

Sweating the Assets

It’s a question that Gavan Smyth, VP of business services with UPC is frequently asked.  “You have 200Mbps connectivity but do you really need that much for 10 employees?”

The answer is ‘yes’ he says because clients start using the internet a lot more and use different services to increase productivity.

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David Walsh Director of Commercial & SME eircom

Crossing the chasm

It’s been the subject of heated debate in the boardrooms of corporate Ireland for quite some time.  But can we finally hear a collective sigh of relief?

It appears we may be getting to grips with tackling the country’s broadband deficit, following a sustained period of network investment by the major telecoms services operators.  And not a moment too soon.

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SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®-crop

Top tips for choosing a video conferencing solution

Whether large or small, your organisation can benefit greatly from video conferencing.  It not only negates a significant amount of travel, saving costs and boosting productivity in the process, but it promotes a new collaborative approach to working.

Here are some of my top tips when choosing a video conferencing solution that’s right for you.

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