Green technology: Is being lean more important than being green?

Infrastructure architecture is difficult at the best of times with a myriad technologies and delivery channels now in play. But in the hard-nosed world of business where everything counts in large amounts, does the drive for sustainability make the ICT decision-making process even more difficult?

“Anytime we get involved in negotiations, sustainability is quite far down the list,” according to Paul Kane, interim sales and marketing manager with datacentre provider, Servecentric.

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The key to greater sustainability is managed print services

Print has long been a target of the environmental warrior and the much vaunted prospect of the paperless office has never quite materialised. Nonetheless, managed print services are helping organisations to keep print, paper and consumables under control and in the process, contribute to greater sustainability in the workplace.

“Managed print services (MPS) involve the consolidation of hardware, bringing reductions in devices and consumables usage,” said Martin Deignan, country manager with Oki.

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Less power, more sustainable technology

A recent review by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) of the government’s 2008 Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme reveals that we have a long way to go to achieve our 2020 emission targets.

The ACA scheme, which provides tax incentives to companies who wish to purchase energy efficient equipment including ICT systems, has delivered 46,000 tonnes of CO2 savings, representing 23 per cent of its 2020 targets.

Covering 10,500 products across 52 technologies, it’s claimed that through the scheme, companies can source up to 85 per cent of their equipment needs and enjoy tax breaks in the process.

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