Webinar on Demand: Top 5 Myths of Digital Marketing

Are you confused about digital marketing and how it can apply to your business?  Do you think that social media is a complete waste of time for business to business organisations?  Join our webinar on demand and discover how to dispel the top 5 myths of digital marketing.

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Infographic: Online ad spend in Ireland

Hot off the press, IAB Ireland have just published online advertising spend in Ireland for 2013.  It seems that mobile is the star of the show and now accounts for 17% of total online spend.

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Professor Wallace Ewart, head of graduate business school at Griffith College, Dublin

A lifetime of learning

As supply chain management grows in complexity, how well are our supply chain managers trained to deal with the scale of this change?

As organisations scramble to identify potential sources of competitive advantage, the role of the supply chain manager has grown in strategic importance.

But the development of supply chain management courses to support these industry professionals is a recent phenomenon.

Thanks to strong, continuous interest in the discipline, however, candidates are now spoilt for choice with courses from undergraduate through to post graduate and Masters levels.

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Alan Phelan, CEO SourceDogg

Driving supply chain innovation

eProcurement can streamline the supply chain and drive real process improvements.

eProcurement is not new.  It’s been around since the early 1990s when market analysts and protagonists alike predicted a revolution in how future business-to-business transactions would take place.

Those early predictions may have been somewhat premature, as adoption levels remain modest to this day.

But with more intense pressure on industry competitiveness and a greater acceptance of software as a service (SaaS), more organisations are looking to eProcurement as a potential source of process efficiency and supply chain value.

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Simon Bell commercial manager, SAGE

Through the looking glass

Increased transparency in the supply chain is just one of the challenges faced by suppliers and demanded by customers.

Supply chain management is a complex business.  Faced with increasing globalisation and calls by consumers for more socially responsible procurement policies, organisations are struggling to build supply chains to meet the challenges of these competing demands.

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