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Top tips for choosing a video conferencing solution

Whether large or small, your organisation can benefit greatly from video conferencing.  It not only negates a significant amount of travel, saving costs and boosting productivity in the process, but it promotes a new collaborative approach to working.

Here are some of my top tips when choosing a video conferencing solution that’s right for you.

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Alan Brown, business director, O2 Ireland

Cloud will open video conferencing to SMEs

Cloud or on-premise: how do I choose a video conferencing solution for my business? Deirdre Cashion finds out.

According to research conducted by O2, one third of Irish organisations are interested in or will adopt video conferencing in the near future.  This mirrors a growing trend in Europe where more organisations, public and private are subsuming video into their business operations.

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Leo McBride, AV business manager with Steljes_crop

To travel or not to travel.

The business case for video conferencing is often based on tangible reductions in travel costs.  But is that the full picture? Deirdre Cashion reports.

The most obvious and immediate benefit of video conferencing is the reduction in travel costs.  There’s little doubt that this tangible, measurable gain appeals to financial directors in particular, who can tick the box for high-yield cost/benefit analysis with a certain degree of confidence.

However, the video conferencing debate has moved beyond a simple question of cost reduction to encompass collaboration and teamwork and competitive differentiation.

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Niall Dunne - Polycom Territory Manager for Ireland

Video is the new voice.

From telepresence systems to smartphone apps, video communication has become as ubiquitous as the humble voice call, writes Deirdre Cashion.

The increased proliferation of mobile devices has caused a disruptive shift in how we consume technology.  And like most areas of business and life, the video conferencing landscape has not been left untouched by this unrelenting tidal wave of technological change.

With increasing interest in ‘Bring your own Device’ (BYOD) coupled with developments in smartphone apps, video communications now extends well beyond the boundaries of the stuffy boardroom, onto the desktop and right into our pockets.

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Web Summit 2013, Dublin

What’s in a number?

It was all about numbers at this year’s Web Summit; 10,000 visitors listened to 350 speakers across six stages while 950 start-up organisations hoped to prise open the fat wallets of angel investors and potential customers alike.

In fact, number crunching and data analytics (the next generation of customer research) were recurring themes at many presentations throughout the day.

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