Is responsive design the solution for mobile woes?

Mobile app development isn’t the only way to provide mobile visitors with a quality browsing experience.  Responsive design could be the answer.

After almost 20 years, our love affair with the smart device is still going strong.  Over 1.6 million of us regularly use our smartphone to browse the internet, consume news, check our bank balance or chat to friends.

In the last six months alone, tablet ownership has doubled in Ireland and according to eircom’s most recent Household Sentiment Survey, 1.2 million people will have access to a tablet by the end of the year,

So what does this mean for the humble website? Read more

Information is power

In-depth analysis of your visitor traffic is the first step in improving your website performance.

The central tenet of any successful sales or marketing strategy is to understand your customer.  The same mantra applies to web strategy but this fundamental concept is very often neglected or overlooked entirely by organisations, large and small.

“It’s amazing how little time people spend analysing their website statistics and how many don’t have any stats at all,” according to Joe Conlon, sales and marketing director with Webtrade.

“Everything is measureable but having clear metrics on website performance is the first step in making improvements. We try to hammer home the necessity of metrics, regular performance reviews and getting the right blend of SEO, Adwords, social with targeted content,” he said. Read more

Substance or style

Despite the advent of new web technologies, effective web development is still about quality content.

Design fads come and go.  Technologies develop and evolve.  But in the world of the web, there’s always one constant: content is king.

Understanding the central motivation behind a customer’s visit to your website is the key to building an effective online presence, which will encourage interaction with your business and add to bottom line.

Website development tools are evolving at the speed of light.  And while most of us may only be vaguely familiar with new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, timely, accurate and engaging content is still central to turning your online presence from a cost centre to a valuable lead generation engine. Read more