Safety in the Skies – How safe are we in Europe?

When was the last time you thought about airline safety as you boarded a plane?  Probably never.  But if you’re unlucky enough to live in Russia or Africa, the chances of meeting your maker as a result of an airline disaster are greatly increased.

According to the latest statistics from JACDEC (Jet Airline Crash Data Evaluation Centre) as reported in the latest edition of Aero Magazine, flying has become safer than ever with civilian air traffic fatalities down from 829 in 2010 to 428 in 2011.  In fact, taking to the skies has never been safer, since the 2nd World War.  However, Russia and Africa remain areas of major concern.

The majority of accidents stem from aircraft which are no longer being built.  Back in August, a new record was set by a Russian manufactured Antonow AN-12 which was 48 years in service.

Most accidents occurred on short haul routes, under 500 km.  In fact, 100 per cent of passengers who travelled on a long haul flight arrived safely at their destination.   The improved safety record can be attributed to better flight control systems and the establishment of a better safety culture in more countries. Read more